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Aug 25, 2009 5:00pm EDT
is literally swallowing up a nation. that nation is the mald ease. arco polego off of southeast india. the comment by the president of the maldiz as this report from deutsche welle especially telling, as his country so may go the rest of the world. >> reporter: is an island in the north malaye group. it's home to about 2,000 people. for generations they have lived from the sea but now the sea itself is threatening their livelihood. the land here has been vanishing here for years. and the rate of erosion is increasing. this year some 15% of the land mass have been lost to the rising sea level. people are worried. not long ago, they could look out to the sea, but now the waves are gna wing the beach away >> translator: just two weeks ago you could sit out here comfortably and look out to the ocean in evening. now just look the beach's already disappeared. the water is getting higher and higher and the tides are getting stronger. >> reporter: just a few days ago the water inundated the streets. the water all but destroyed this small harbor here. >> translator: we got the land years ago
Aug 25, 2009 3:00pm EDT
and india and they're going to be growing very, very rapidly. >> that's where the fish are. fish where the fishes are, right? $1.33 billion people in china. >> larry, do you see a move of that magnitude over the next two years? i see growth, recovery, a little bit slow. the consumer may be out of the fetal position, but not really doing a whole heck of a lot right now. that's two-thirds of the economy at least. >> we're bullish. i don't know that we're that bullish. that's a lot to expect given how far we've come. i think you're right. the consume ser truliry weak. retail sales rely lousy. let me put it this way though you. need a weak consumer to prevent a real recovery. in other words, a few quarters of 5 or 6% growth but the consumer comes after the labor market gets going. i think the risk is you get a normal recovery. people are surprised. that will keep this market going. down the road in a couple years, i think where you run into trouble, they've got at some point they have to withdraw some of the stimulus. we can't run these deficits. that's why i'm not so bullish to say 50% hi
Aug 25, 2009 5:30pm EDT
. >> reporr: the president's plan is t buy up la in india, sri lanka indonesia, a place where his people can take refuge when the time comes. he wantshe world's first climateefugees to know that they ha a secure future. he set up a specialund to finance the plan with money generate by the touri dustry. it's a pn that is being put in place quieeime being, at least, the maltese wants toemain a paradise for tourists. >>> and final this evening, a story about identity. thatisraising questions around th orld. and wh promed along scussion right here athe "wldfocus" newsroom this morning. when-year-old cast semenya won the world chamonship race last week in berlin, south africans got rea to celebrate. but landing in johanneses burg today, senya wasmet with chants and signs th celebrated gend as much asvictory. when deated rivals but a crhing 2 1/2-second margin, international sports officials were alrea questiong whether this young wan is actually a man. the young athlete had no cment on the ntroversy. only on being a world champi. >> i don't knowhat to sa man. i'm pretty good to read it. feel good
Aug 25, 2009 6:00pm EDT
: in addition to asean, the rmb can then be used as a trading currency with india, pakistan, russia, japan and korea. and the third step is to use the rmb globally. that's the general plan. >>reporter: actually, this is a huge plan - that's aimed at reducing the us dollar's dominance as an international currency. but first, beijing has got its work cut out. the country needs a social safety net to help through any financial shocks. and it should also liberalize its capital account and the convertibility of thecurrency. only then could the rmb hope to join the reserve currency club. >>song: and right now, we're not there yet. still we need a lot of time to build up china's capital market, banking system and also the social security and the insurance system. >>reporter: as for a time frame, the jury is divided - optimists cite 15 years, the pessimists 40 ! >>: for now, china will pay for brazilian sulphur in dollars. nonetheless, neighboring governments, eventhe us, welcome measures, albeit modest, that allow greater international use of the rmb. but some asean traders still need convincing.
Aug 25, 2009 7:00am EDT
american jobs here, create jobs for americans. i called one time to the help lines and i was calling india. i want to talk to an american. we could use that money to lower the deficit here. that is about all i have to say. host: one of the headlines this morning is in the front page of "the washington post." ben bernanke to be reappointed as the fed chairman. we will hear from the president in about 35 minutes live from martha's vineyard, the renomination. senate confirmation hearing the fall. the reappointment would take effect in january of next year. we have and we will continue to be covering these town hall meetings here on this network all this week. we will show you a cross section of democrats and republicans as they meet with their constituents. one of the hearings will be live tonight in northern virginia, a town hall meeting from the reston, va., with congressman jim moran. joining him will be former chairman of national democratic committee, former dr. and governor of vermont, howard dean. a writer for the fairfax county * will be at the town hall meeting and also with freshman
Aug 25, 2009 6:00am EDT
. >> you travelled around, germany, france, india, the uk, what did you notice. what kind of recommendations did you get about how they would go about treating it? >> everybody approached it differently. several countries would have done the same high-tech procedures, operation that an american doctor recommended. much less, 1/6 of the cost, 1/8 of the cost. in britain, the doctor told me to live with it. you're living your life. not going to fix this. good care in canada, not if you're only hurt. n only if you're acutely sick. he said i'll send you to the orthopedist, it will take six to nine months. >> india -- japan, i believe, they wanted to try other things first. india, alternative medicine. herbal remedies and massage. >> that's right. we did herbal medicine for five weeks. six guys massaged my shoulder with warm oil every day. it worked. more movement and less pain out of it. and the japanese insurance system would have paid for that. they paid for acupuncturacupunc shots -- japan covers everything. that's the broadest choice of any health care system i have ever s
Aug 25, 2009 12:00am EDT
that there is a middle class building over in china, possibly over in india. if there's growth over there, that's what's pushing this trade right now. look at those fuel stocks, look at the coal stocks. something's pushing them. there is demand. the imports just keep on coming higher and higher. >> give me a name of a coal stock. >> i'll give you my best name would be peabody, but even console, console hadn't shipped in four years over to china. they had their first ship this past month. so it gives you an idea, demand is coming back over there. >> there's a whole transportation trade with this -- >> what pete's saying is an important point, because when china reaches out for metallurgic coal, which is what the command is out of asia right now, and comes all the way to the u.s. shores, that shows you how much interest there is in that actual physical commodity going forward. >> i don't know if you have a chart of it, but walter is one i would bring up. metallurgic company ships abroad, incredible chart. we talked about it last monday, $51, finished the week at $58, today traded just over $62 that give
Aug 25, 2009 7:00pm EDT
on health care around the world. tomorrow, india. later in the week, new zealand and turkey. and you can also find our reports online if you want to get more information, go to "lou dobbs tonight".com. >>> up next, singer chris brown will find out what his punishment will be for beating his pop star girlfriend, rihanna. we'll have the details and have that story. >>> also ahead, should religion be part of the debate over health care in this country? that's the topic of our "face-off" debate tonight. >>> and is the made in the u.s. labeled a thing of the past for clothing manufacturers? we'll have our special report, dobbs and jobs now. anyone can prove they're strong once. the real question is can they prove it again and again. ♪ at northwestern mutual, we've answered that question compellingly... for over 150 years. northwestern mutual. consistency counts. put our strength to work for you. learn how at dan marino influenced me and he really pushed me to get on nutrisystem. yeah, i'll take credit for peter jacobsen. introducing the all-new nutrisystem for men, f
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Aug 25, 2009 11:00am EDT
, and india. jane: concerns today about flood controls built to protect new orleans in the wake of a hurricane. a federal investigation found that they may not work. the army corps of engineers installed new pumps after katrina and were supposed to be able to pump millions of gallons of water out of the city, which is below sea level. they were not tested, and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. now the federal office of special counsel calls them unreliable. the army corps of engineers could have saved for another $30 million buying equipment proven to work. so far, the court has declined comment on this study. we will let you know if they do make a statement. jon: harris faulkner continues with breaking news on the throgg's neck bridge in new york city. >> this is been the scene of real problem since the start of the renovation on this bridge. today, it actually includes a fatality. this is the scene we have been showing you all morning long. a worker has fallen near craned -- near a crane. work has been done on this heavily traveled bridge, and it just reopened recently to heavy trucks af
Aug 24, 2009 8:00pm EDT
our competitors like china and india to pollute freely at a lower cost basis for energy. so we need to look at policies and see what's constructive, efficient, and effective. so when i'm telling you about these first two policies, the stimulus bill and cap and trade, i can tell you what i'm against. but i also am going to tell you tonight what i'm for. and so i know you've got questions about the third issue i want to mention, health care. how many think that hk doesn't need any changes or any type of reform whatsoever? please raise your hands. i always say there's one in the crowd. how many think that we've got to do something about health care but the approach is what thearts? i share your concern that reform for the sake of reform, action for the sake of action is not right. touf make sure you do it right, not just quickly. and so what we've seen out of washington is their intent to act quickly, and i think in a way that's flawed. so as i told you, i'll tell you what i'm for and what i'm against. let me begin with what i'm against. this is h.r. 32 00, the house version of the pre
Aug 25, 2009 12:00pm EDT
of mexico's economic outlook. santiago on my i-india left is the vice president of the answer american development bank, in charge of sectors of kwledge, if you want explanation and stay a few minutes afterwards. he was the chief economist for that, and he has a long distinguished career in mexican public service. he was the overall general director of the mexican social security institute which is a massive public enterprise whose deputy minister at the fince ministry, and he was largely credited with having, if not exactly invented certainly put into practice and orchestrated the opportune, a program. also a very productive scholar at the intellectual, he is putting out more books than i n read. in any event, thanks very much for joining us. santiago. next, e director of sovereign ratings and standard and poor, and responsible for the sovereign analysis in the latin american group. she also teaches part-time at colombia university school of public and international affairs. she worked at the federal reserve board of governors in washington. let me say that the job of the southern rat
Aug 25, 2009 4:00am EDT
.8%. by the end of the day, the markets settled mostly lower. the hang seng just closing down inti 0.5%. the india sensex trading and for now in positive territory. nymex light sweet crude just off yesterday's high of 74. we're down by about 50 u.s. cents at $73.87. mike, let's take a look at how the futures are shaping up on this tuesday morning. good morning to you, mike. >> thanks, maura. good afternoon to you. and the price of oil was really a big reason why we saw the activity in the markets that we saw yesterday. as for this morning, it does not look like we're going to get much of a bernanke bounce here, as you can see. maybe the exact opposite could occur today of what happened yesterday when we had the dow ever so slightly higher and the nasdaq and the s&p 500 a tiny fraction lower. as equities relatively fell out of favor, we did see investors bid up the price of treasury notes. and this morning, we have the bund yield following even more. the yield on the benchmark ten-year t-note fell to .49% yesterday. and if we look at it now, it is ticking up just a little bit, but it's basically fl
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12